Titan Poker Bonus Tutorial – Learn All About Poker And How To Play

July 14, 2009 :: Posted by - scott :: Category - Poker

Poker is a very popular game, in fact it is the most popular game being played in the internet still. One of the bets online poker rooms offers a brilliant way to learn this game and the Titan poker bonus tutorial guarantees newbie players will be able to hold their own in a hand of Texas Hold’em within two minutes. It works, I have tried it. Poker schools at online sites are also popular but this is a school with a different, it isn’t too long or boring and is interactive. A video plays which outlines all the most important factors such as typical hand flow, betting structures and card distribution, then you are a-for-away to play.

The fact that Titan Poker teaches new players the game and gives them 150% up to $600 Bonus + $25 FREE BONUS + $20,000 Freeroll entry on first deposit, if you use the Titan Poker bonus code : ‘TP600′, means it is one of the best online poker rooms to be found.

This special offer is only open to players making their first deposit and is released as you earn Titan Poker Points. To earn these points you have to play in both ring games and tournaments, but if you are learning how to play, these games will help you learn.

Points are earned during ring games in terms of ‘raked ‘ hands and there is a points/rake ratio chart available at the site. This helps you see what needs to be done to earn points to release the bonus money, and how these are relevant to buy-ins, rakes, blinds, bets or folds.

The rake amount is generated in US$, and it is the total amount from all the players in any one game. However the explanation of all this poker jargon can get pretty complex, so read it through a couple of times at the site and make sure you understand it.

There are a pile of other bonuses available too and the one I like the best is the ‘Bad Beat Bonus’. This is kind of like insurance if you have a good hand and Lady Luck wanders off to powder her nose, leaving you in the lurch. This bonus can be claimed for a great hand which still doesn’t win. A Top Hand of the Day Bonus is also available and the prize is $100!!

Poker is a game where the only time luck really matters is when the cards are dealt, it is in essence a game of pure skill, psychology and strategy. It is not a random number game, it is completely interactive and the winning outcome can be manipulated.

Poker can be played to win, without even having a winning hand and this is where the psychology of playing poker counts. This is one of the most important factors which makes the game so interesting.

While online poker doesn’t really offer the player many opportunities to practice their psychology and learn about ‘tells’. It is still very good practice and Titan poker often offers buy-ins to major live games as prizes, for ring games and tournament winners.

3D Poker Gaming Experience At PKR

July 10, 2009 :: Posted by - scott :: Category - Poker

If you are used to playing poker on the web, for sure, most of the considerations you are going to think about will be the competitive events, promotions, graphics and the payment of the poker room. These things are usually what the majority of poker gamers are concerned of.

However, things could be a little bit unexciting if you’ll keep on doing this thing over and over again. One poker web-site has just presented a completely new feature in the field of internet poker gaming that will certainly pull in big number of poker participants. The only poker network that is capable of offering this kind of service to on-line poker gamers is PKR. Their 3D feature becomes possible with the leading edge software they are using in their poker webpage, which is developed secretly.

With this, PKR truly did transform how playing poker on the web is being performed by including 3D features in their poker games.

PKR and their software have one of a kind features that really stand out among other poker software similar to having realistic graphics, realistic screens and customizable characters. However, the only dilemma you would possibly undergo is the download and installation of PKR software into your computer or laptop as it really takes time. But for those who’re using Mac pc, there will be no trouble for you in downloading their software.

Playing at PKR will surely be a completely new fascinating experience for you especially for those poker participants who are trying to find new experience in their online poker gaming as well as people who are interested to play poker on the internet.