Know When To Limp With Aces

September 03, 2009 :: Posted by - scott :: Category - Poker

This strategy is usually discussed on online forums and poker sites and even on poker strategy books. Actually, lots of poker experts talk about this strategy, know when to limp with aces.

If you are on the situation wherein you’re under the gun and you have a pair of Aces as your hole card you simply have to limp and call the blinds. Luckily, one player may raise the bet and you’re on.

After the turn of the other players and what I mentioned above happens, then its time for you to re-raise and if you’re lucky you’ll get all the pot money on pre-flop against a weaker pocket.

But what if there are actually 4 players who called and no one raises? And what if the blinds called too?

The best thing that you should do is to try to raise to raise a decent pot money when its your turn again. If someone called again or more players called then this is the right time for you to fold your card. Pocket of Aces is a precious pair but at this situation, you really have to fold this card because there is a big chance that you’re set is far behind compared to the other players.

Its difficult for some players to fold this kind of card. But if the first three cards came up as rags then you have to remember that you only bet a small amount of money and regret is not necessary.

You don’t have to try your chance going against a full set or a two pair or a set of cards waiting for a big draw and losing all a bunch of your money afterwards.

Or you don’t have to go against a set with an open ended flush with a straight flush opportunity and lose an all in bet.

You need to have patience to win this game. Not all pocket Aces win. So live to fight another battle. Know when to fold your Aces.