World series of poker, Poker Player Championship Take Down By Mizrachi

November 11, 2009 :: Posted by - scott :: Category - Poker

Michael Mizrachi is a skilled poker competitor who typically joins in several poker tourneys. Michael has been an experienced of various poker events, by which sometimes he won and occasionally he not, but that’s just how the game runs. However, just in the current World Series of Poker’s $50K Poker Player Championship wherein, he already won this occasion back in 2010, he did it once again this year by generating a huge 1451527 dollars!

The fact is, Michael Mizrachi is just three steps behind Phil Helmuth as being the world’s highest earning poker person. Under his name is an immense 14,069,765 dollars. This was actually the total profits he produced as being a competent poker gamer.

However, before Mizrachi took home the prize, he went through a challenging battle. Other poker gamers at the final table were

  • Andy Bloch
  • Luke Schwartz
  • Bill Chen and
  • Chris Klodnicki

Here are the list of poker players and their revenue that they created in the event: Chris Klodnicki with 896935 dollars, Andy Bloch possessing 561738 dollars, Luke Schwartz owning 604736.00 dollars, Roland Isrealashvili who produced $317,882.00, Stephen Chidwick who went home with $253,497, Bill Chen who has $205,856 and Bruno Fitoussi with a moderate 169,879.00 dollars.

Look for Michael Mizrachi as he continuously play in poker tables, who knows, he is currently at the top place as the largest earning poker gamer.