Kings against an Aggressor

January 10, 2010 :: Posted by - scott :: Category - Gambling

Normally when you get pocket kings you would play the hand fairly aggressive to get some players out of the hand. In some instances you may play the hand slightly different if you are playing against an aggressor. It would all depend on you position and when you wanted to get out of the hand. It is always good when you can get someone else to raise for you; when that happens you will have a lot more options.

If you are in early position and you are up against some aggressive players that raise a lot you could consider taking a chance on limping in with pocket kings. Then when another player raises you could re-raise or you could call under the radar. It is recommended however to re-raise when it gets back around to you. That will make it so you can play heads up or close to it with kings. When you have a hand like king’s queens or aces you never want a lot of players in on the flop. There is no better way to lose with a big hand then by letting a bunch of players see the flop.

The problem with slowing down with pocket kings is that you are taking the chance of nobody else raising. If that happens then you are sure to end up losing the hand unless a king hits. Even if all low cards hit you have to worry about 2 pair. Those are the hands that wouldn’t be in if there were a raise.

Playing aggressive against an aggressor is also a good move many times. They play a lot more hands so they will probably call you, and they may even raise you. The only hand that could really have you beat before the flop is AA. If one of them has AA then that is just bad luck and there is nothing you can do about it. Playing aggressive will get more money into the pot before the flop sometimes.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you want to have as much money in the pot as possible when you are ahead. With pocket kings you are assuming you are ahead before the flop. So the ideal time to get your money in would be before the flop. What ever way you think you could get your aggressive opponent to put all their money in the pot pre flop is the way you should play the and. Sometimes it will be by slowing down and other times it will be by pushing hard.

It all depends on your opponents playing style and what is going on at that time. If you have a small stack and your aggressive opponent has a large stack then pushing is probably the best move before the flop, especially if there is already a decent pot built up. If you have a large stack and so does your opponent then there is a lot more at risk. They will have no problem folding at that point unless they have a great hand. Those are the situations that people fold JJ and QQ. Kings against an aggressor is better then going up against any other type of player.