How Did Isaac Haxton Grow To Be Team Pokerstars Member

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Another person has joined one of the industry’s reputable poker team, Team PokerStars.Isaac ‘Ike Haxton’ Haxton was this new addition to Team PokerStars, which is additionally, a great gambler from London. He is currently the latest addition to Team PokerStars, moreover, he is often known as being a high roller poker pro player while playing.

1Being a intelligent, fearless and productive poker competitor are just a number of the things that may be linked towards Isaac Haxton. His name roam around the poker group when he was able to ended in 2nd position and won a total of $861,789 in the 2007 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event. From there on, he continued in winning different poker events for instance finishing in the World Series Of Poker $40,000 No Limit Hold’em event in 2009 as a runner up, which lets him to accumulate an astounding $1,168,565. He generates an overall total of $380,730 at the 2012 PCA $25000 High Roller competition when he finished in third.

Almost over 4000000.00 dollars is the total amount of winnings he amassed from playing in cash games.

Isaac however is still learning the on-line poker tables for playing in cash games. So to address his weakness in playing cash games at online poker tables, you will regularly see him playing at No Limit Hold’em on PokerStars. Moreover, he also made some appearances on TV similar to the PokerStars Big Game TV show. He played along with other well-known members of PokerStars for example Jason Mercier, Phil Hellmuth and Barry Greenstein.

Look for this kid as it is a sure thing that Isaac can shock the internet poker community with his talents and skills.

Club Titan Poker

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Club Titan Poker is a very interesting organization establish by Titan Poker. If you happen to be one of its members then I would assume that you are reeling for more knowledge and info about the club and what benefits you can get from your membership. Here are some points that you need to get started.

Vital Points You Need To Know

The basic premise of being a member of this Club is you earn points which you can turn into money when you decided to exchange it. But this is customized by the fact that:

a)You can climb into higher levels in the Club giving you more points
b)You can store your points till you reach the amount you wanted or the highest amount possible and then exchange it into dollars in order for you to get the conversion ratio that suits your needs.

Accessible VIP Levels

There are six levels you can access when you are a member of Club Titan Poker. Each month all players will start off as a VIP Bronze member.

When you already gathered 1000 points in just a month then you’ll become a VIP Silver member and if you collect 5000 points in a single month you will get to be a VIP Gold member.

As you progress your points to 10,000 then you’ll become a VIP Platinum member. And if your fortunate enough to gather 17,000 and 35,000 points respectively you will become a VIP Titanium and VIP Diamond member.

The Benefits of Leveling

What you can get from leveling up? As you go up the ladder of VIP membership you will also get a percentage increase in your points as well. Being a Bronze member does not entail an increase but being a VIP Silver member you are accredited to have 20% increase in your points. Your percentage increase will add up as you go into the other four levels of membership.

This only signifies that you’ll get to double your points when you become a VIP Titanium member getting a 100% increase and as a VIP Diamond member you’ll get more than double of your points.

Points Trading

You might be wondering why you have to have that percentage increase. As you go store your points, the higher it become before trading it to dollars the better ratio you will get in terms of point is to dollar conversion.

The lowest point level of 2000 points can be exchange to $10 in a conversion rate of 200 points to one dollar.

The highest rate would be 7 million points to $120,000 at a conversion ratio of 50 points to one dollar. You see, that you get a better conversion rate if you exchange a bigger amount of points.