Hints In Finding A Liar In Poker

June 26, 2010 :: Posted by - scott :: Category - Poker

There are some ploys in order for you to spot a liar in the poker table. One of them would be changing the topic of conversation abruptly when talking with someone on the poker table. A person who’s lying will not make any reaction whatsoever when you change the subject, this is because they want the subject to change. A person who’s not guilty will be surprised with the change of topic and would want you to get back to the subject before hand.

Professional poker players like Daniel Negreanu like talk during a poker game. This is because conversations can be the number one tool of someone who wants to spy a liar in the tables. This technique can know the reactions of anyone in the table especially if they are troubled with their hand and even if you are calm. Experts will then compare your natural reactions with what they will see as the game progresses.

An example would be a conversation that’s using an “Amarillo Slim” Preston technique. Back in the days were Slim is known he has very little respect to poker players especially women and this has him involved with a challenge with one of the best female player. He took this game very seriously because he don’t want to shy away with the challenge of defeating a woman. But his opponent was serious too.

Before the match started, Slim already heard some info about the women. This info is about how much he like the drink she ordered. She thought that this true emotion will not be use against her. But she’s wrong. Slim had already think about this and decided to ask the status of her hand when the game progresses.

But when Slim won 3 consecutive hands, the lady became aware of his technique in talking to players to know a tell. During their 4th hand, the woman place a headset on and ignore Slim’s talk altogether. She has help Slim wipe out the floor that certain time.

Another example that you should be aware of that can be use against you in the table. This often occurs in regular playing tables and not on high stakes match up games.

A poker player, we’ll named Dan has been watching a Basketball game and you realized that he has bet for the game. Obviously he’s betting with the team he’s cheering up. And when he’s team had made an advance in the 4th round, you ask him if he has money or has bet on the game. And when he says yes and tell you how much he won. Check out the look on his face and his further reaction because he won. For instance, you find Dan having a very satisfied look when told you about his winnings and other things. This is a very good clue towards his feelings.

You try to use what to know when you’re having a big bet game with Dan. To check out if his bluffing, you can tell him that you have a very big hand. When you see the same satisfied look he gave you during his winning in poker, then that would be an obvious tell that he has a very good set of cards.

These examples show how you can use previous knowledge about the person’s natural reactions in order to read their moves and their hands. Observe when will be the time that your opponents are being true. This is the best weapon you have in order to know that they are bluffing.