Don’t Steam On Poker Tables

January 14, 2011 :: Posted by - scott :: Category - Poker

Bad poker can be cause by steaming, tilting wildly, losing discipline and composure and so on. Steaming and tilting are almost the same but steaming carries more emotion. If you want to be better in poker, don’t play if you are susceptible to steaming.

Logic is very important in playing poker. If your emotions get in the way of logic then you are in trouble. This is called steaming. In this state, you cannot make good decisions. Any high emotional state of being can cause a clink in your decision making method. Individuals who plays recklessly probably has a bigger problem at home or work. They are not aware of the bets at stake because their mind are preoccupied with these problems. Here is an example of a person vulnerable to play tilt.

You got a note from the bank that in 10 days your home will be repossessed if you didn’t not paid your dues. Stop playing once and for all! Regain your composure before continuing to play poker.

Steaming is a common problem that affects all poker players. We are all vulnerable to steam. Don’t let your emotions affect you decision making process.

Nothing can stop steaming. Once a player started to feel steam it will continue until the player stand up. The situation will get worst and it will be better if the player decided to stop. Here is an example of a poker player who’s steaming.

It begins with an unlikely outdraw wherein your opponent “suck out,” or catch a miracle card late in the hand. You have placed a big bet and lose it altogether because you thought you had it in. Then you blame yourself for betting such a big amount. After that the same player had bluff you with a horrible hand which you didn’t know and you immediately folded. You’d been thinking that it seems like lady luck is not on your side tonight and blaming the pot winner for having bluff you on the second hand and being frustrated for folding instantly once the bluff was made..

Its just the beginning. You played a couple of hands well after that. And then the same player make you suffer a bad beat. You are definitely steaming now. You blame your opponent for taking out all your luck, your angry to your self because of the bad decisions you made and then your thoughts will go through your problems in life..and so on. Its not healthy, so stopped playing right now..

If you don’t then be prepare to lose another bad hand, lose almost all your chips and getting another bad beat from your opponents.

Poker Is A Game For All Including Hot Women

January 10, 2011 :: Posted by - scott :: Category - Gambling

Poker is a really well known game. It is just a typical thing to see lots of individuals playing this game either in real casinos or online casino sites. The ideal example for this is the World Series Of Poker Main Event. This even is done every year and being awaited by numerous poker admirers.

During the early times of this game, it was regarded as being a man’s game. But as time passes, it is now accessible to anyone who would like to give this game a go. Truth be told, there are now female poker players that are playing this game. These women are themost popular poker participants of their generation. Don’t ever underestimate these competitors as these women are quite professional. Wish to know who they are? If so, better please read on. Titan Poker News, go here and then apply it to your own benefits.

Beth Shak would be the first female poker competitor that we are going to speak about. She isn’t like other typical players you normally see at the tables. Apart from being a poker gamer, other occupations she is doing are being a inventor, philanthropist, reality television star, designer, inventor, shoe expert actress and mother to a 3 children. Beth Shak is the real power house in female poker players!

Next will be Trishelle Cannatella. Apart from being a competent poker gamer, she is also modelling for Playboy. At the 2010 World Poker Tour Invitation Tournament, she was able to generate a total winning of 20,000.00 dollars.

Look out for the other female poker players that we haven’t listed in this list. In next post, you will be able to discover more of them.