Titan Poker Double In a Glance

April 10, 2011 :: Posted by - scott :: Category - Poker

Knowledge about Titan Poker Double is easy for some people but some aren’t gifted enough to simply take it all in at once. Many individuals have decided not to know the Double, not knowing that they just passed up the opportunity of a lifetime. In Titan Poker Double, it’s all about strategy and these strategies will make you win. Also, a well thought strategy for the Double will help a lot in making your day a more productive one.

If you want to learn how Titan Poker Double works then this is for you. At first you need to register two events which are 5 minutes apart from one another. Those tournaments are worth $5 in buy-in plus $1 for registration fee; both of these tournaments run side by side to one another too. If you make it to the final rounds for both tourneys then you’ll get a reward. And if you so luckily get to win the two events then a bigger prize is set for you.

Indeed if you’re lucky enough to get to the final tables of both tournaments then you’ll get a split from the 50% of the promotional jackpot which are divided in between the players who have gotten the same fate. But if you’re the only one who made it then you’ll get a bigger prize.

The promotional jackpot mentioned above will be taken from the registration fee paid up by the entrants. Fifty percent of the registration goes to this jackpot prize and will increase each day if the jackpot is not taken. So if you’re lucky then you’ll get more money if no one wins the day before.

The good points do not end there; if you win both tournaments then you’ll get a larger take home pay. Aside from winning the regular pots for both tournaments, you’ll get to win the promotional jackpot too. It is one of the best side winnings you’ll get in playing poker.

One thing to keep in mind, the jackpot will be taken from a different source against the tournament money. As mentioned earlier, the jackpot will be gathered from the $1 registration fee paid by all the entrants in both tournaments while the tournament money will be taken from the$5 buy-in. It signifies that if you fail to win both tournaments and only managed to snag one then you will still get the tournament prize set for the tournament you won. So don’t hesitate to join if you have luck in gaining final tables in poker because certainly this tournament won’t upset you if you participate.