Guide To Pot Limit Omaha Poker Pre-flop

May 04, 2011 :: Posted by - scott :: Category - Poker

It has been stated that PLO starters have a propensity to end up closer in terms of value. For that reason it’s not suggested that you place a big portion of your stack when the flop is not yet opened. Except of course if you have an AAxx hand -circumstances can change dramatically once the flop is turned.

If you have strong hand you might consider raising but it’s advisable that you gamble less than 10% of your chips before the flop. Only the AAxx hand or a KK/QQ can be an exemption to this consideration.

Having these hands in your possession will make you choose from one of the two actions – either bet less than 10% of your stack or go over 50% pre-flop.

Betting Less than 10%

If you’ll going to bet below 10% of your present chips – it only signifies that you are giving yourself a chance to get out of the hand if the flop is not good for you. One instance would be playing in a PLO game with $100 buy-in and you are in possession of quiet a good hand comprising of AsKsJdQc.

When the flop is turned, you see an – AJQ amid 2 suited cards you don’t possess. If you bet $7 you can let go of the hand and the loss won’t be too devastating.

But once the pot is opened to $7 accompanied with 2 callers then you have a game. You can re-raise the bet to $38 and you can make a call holding your 3 pair and a chance to gain a gut-shot straight. When you win, the pot will increase favorably not less than $200 – a 60% increase from your original bet.

Don’t commit the mistake of betting 20%-40% of your chips during pre-flop. It’s definitely a bad idea.

Betting More Than 50%

If you’re fortunate to gain a better starting hand of AAxx or KK/QQ then you might consider having a heads-up confrontation with one of your opponents. So it’s time for you to raise your bet into more than 50% of your stack. This is to make certain that almost all other players to fold leaving only one player to go heads to head against you.

Since you started betting with a big chunk of your stack – it’s your goal to commit yourself in re-raising the pot till your sole opponent folds. Don’t worry if he won’t relent, you are assured a better result if you have the AA or KK hand.