An In Depth Look At Betfair

July 24, 2013 :: Posted by - scott :: Category - Poker

Known primarily for its sports board, Betfair also offers players a full range of poker. Due to its standing in the sports betting field, Betfair has also developed a strong platform to support a dependable and pleasant poker playing environment. They include top tournament professionals on their team like Annette “Anette_15″ Obrested, Sorel “Imprt1um” Mizzi and Peter Jepsen to strengthen their site. Betfair’s in depth understanding of online gambling has translated very well into their poker software application.

The company prides itself on being the biggest online gambling community with proprietary software making for a reliable and smooth running application. The company was born in 1999-2000 to its founders, Andrew Black and Edward Wray whose goal was to develop nothing less than the best betting technologies in the industry. The software is proprietary and robust with terrific multi-table, media and custom support to go along seamlessly with its cash game and tournament offerings.

Betfair partners with the World Series of Poker Europe so you can be sure it is serious about its tournament poker. The site offers free rolls and tournaments every day. Betfair is notorious for its aggressive players and loose funds from its sports book so there is money to be made here. Because it keeps European hours, non-Europeans will sometimes encounter off-hours where there will be limited games and players, but the avid poker player will always discover action at Betfair and be treated very nicely as well.

Because of its emphasis on its sports book, Betfair’s poker games can be on the soft side. Remember this though, sports bettors are true gamblers, no calculations involved here, so poker players find them to be ideal opponents.

The ongoing bonus programs are inspirational. Some of the best are Bankroll Booster, Poker points, tournament free rolls and specials too numerous to count. The site is especially fond of its free roll players and tournament players to whom value is important so really fine tournament promotions are part of the daily schedule. Poker points can be traded for many different things and sometimes can be used for a selection of discounts in the sports book. Regardless of which feature on the site you fancy, you are assured of top notch support.

Support is available 24/7 to add to the players enjoyment of the site. Support can be contacted by email or by phone and all issues are promptly resolved for the comfort and convenience of the customer. The banking system offers many withdrawal options and is a partner of The Royal Bank of Scotland so visitors to the site can always be confident when using the banking software. Betfair just may be number one because of its great technical support and its keen understanding of gambling related issues whether of the technological variety or otherwise. Most will not feel the need to call upon the great support feature because they will encounter no difficulty in navigating the site.

Betfair is one of the top twenty online company’s in the world and has won several business awards including the coveted Queens Award for Enterprise making it the first choice of online poker players and gamblers of every persuasion. If you haven’t discovered this site yet, you are missing a great online experience.

The Profit Motive: One Way To Approach Poker

July 15, 2013 :: Posted by - scott :: Category - Poker

In Poker, some games offer more potential for profit than others. Limit Hold’em was once the most popular online game. There remain many low to medium limit games, and also those with limits as high as $100/$200 per game. Because one can always find a hold’em game whether online or at a casino, it undoubtedly offers the most profit potential of any of the games. There are many not-so-hot players out there that do not rise to the level of the $20/$40 limit.

Being as popular as it is, it is everyone’s choice and so maintains its profitability and will be the go-to game for a long time.

There are tons of books written for the sole education of the limit hold’em player of any level. It is one of the most read about and studied forms of the game and if the student is diligent, he can learn a lot just by reading. With all this literature available, it is not difficult to learn how to make the right decisions in many situations.

The abovementioned advantages of the game lead directly to the increase of well read, agile players. Which brings us back to the fact that despite the accessibility and apparent profitability of Limit Holdem, it will not necessarily make you a millionaire. If you become no more than an average player, your overall profits are likely to amount to nothing more than near zero.

Poker is played by so many because it is a game of chance, skill, creative thinking and resourceful actions. It demands one not be risk-averse or lacking in self control. You need to figure out exactly how prone you are to take risks and how well you can control yourself in risky situations. Are you impulsive and spontaneous when faced with risk or are you the cool and calculating type who can handle the risk in order to win? Is risk a thrill to you or does it produce nausea?

Once you have decided your risk level and there are special tests to determine this, you can go for the game that fits your style. If you are the one who acts solely on impulse, the slot machines are where you should invest your time and money. If you want to avoid risk altogether, you should be at a limit table with betting levels proportionate to your comfort zone with regard to risk.

If you are an individual who must have everything under your control as often as possible, decide whether you are a human calculator who remembers every card played and every combination of cards in a three or four hour long marathon games, or the psychologist who made your best moves by reading your opponents’ body language and facial expressions. The latter player should be in a no-limit or MTT poker game, not limit hold’em.

Interestingly, it is also the latter type of player who has the best shot at developing as a player. High-limit games are rare. High risks are also not likely to lead very far. No-limit and tournaments offer both accessible and complex poker challenges, providing the best environment for aspiring beginners.