Necessary Poker Supplies For A Home Game

February 11, 2014 :: Posted by - scott :: Category - Poker

Poker has been quietly infiltrating the common Joe’s homes for years now. What started in the casinos has found its way to prime time television and turned it into large sporting events. Now is a great time to gather some poker supplies and have your own home game.

Something that always gets people in the mood to play is some special poker chips. It gives players a real casino feel which can also get the gambling juices flowing. Because you are playing with chips and not actual cash, it keeps the games more organized and gives players the ability to choose to play without using real money. Most sporting good stores as well as retail stores carry a variety of poker chip selections. They can all vary in quality and price, and it just matters how much you feel like spending.

The next thing you want to consider for your home poker game would be the surface to play on. The cheap option would be to just use your kitchen table. But this isn’t always available. At the same places you find poker chips, you may be able to find a poker surface. Like the chips, these too vary in quality and price. Many of them have a felt surface with card locations painted on the board, just like a real casino surface. They can usually be folded up for easy transportation and convenient storage. It gives a nice casino touch to any home game.

It’s tough to get through a night of poker and not have proper refreshments. It is important to offer small snack life foods and plenty of beverage options to keep people in the game and keep playing through the hours. Poker is certainly not the easiest game to quit playing, so stocking up for as long as 3 to 4 hours is important. And of course people will need something to snack on when you have taken all their money. It makes losing a little less bitter.

The most important thing to have in a game of poker is a legal and full deck of cards. They are cheap and completely necessary to have a fun and fair game. If the cards you have are marked or bent or missing in any way, it is imperative to go to any store and pick up a brand new deck for no more than a couple of bucks.

Along with cards, it would be nice to have an automatic card shuffler. Some people are shuffling impaired and may become embarrassed to be the dealer. After every hand the deck needs to be reshuffled and needs to be done correctly. This is one poker supply that is not necessary but would save countless amounts of time and save the embarrassment.

Poker is not an easy game to learn. There are a lot of terms and rules to learn as well as etiquette and memorizing the rank of cards. In order to be able to get a jump start into the game, it would be beneficial to pick up a guide book to learn the basics. Many will even teach you more advanced tactics and bluffing tips so that you are always taking the pots instead of giving them up.

Poker is an intense game of strategy, persistence and luck. It is as difficult as it is fun and is a joy and a reward to start mastering playing cards. And unlike most games, when you finally master this game, it will literally pay off.