Choosing The Right Poker Supplies

August 10, 2014 :: Posted by - scott :: Category - Poker

More and more people are finding out how much fun it can be to spend an evening playing poker with family members and friends. The basics of the game are easy for anyone to learn and there is nothing like some friendly competition to make a get together lively. You will need to assemble some basic poker supplies before you have your first game.

Poker supplies are readily available from a number of different sources and the prices will range from very reasonable to over the top expensive for some of the professional high end items that are available. The table you choose offers a perfect example of this. If you play at your kitchen or dining room table, it will cost you absolutely nothing. Another option is a cheap utility table that can be found almost anywhere. At the opposite end of the spectrum would be a professional full size poker table with matching chairs. Of course, this can set you back several thousand dollars.

This is also true when looking for poker chips. Prices range from as little as $20 and go up from there. The price will largely depend on the material and whether you want customized chips and a high quality case. The cheapest way to go is a set of plastic chips in a plastic caddy or aluminum case. There is nothing wrong with plastic chips but they will not have the same feel or sound as other options.

Composite chips are more expensive than plastic and but are more authentic. Composite material is noted for its durability. It will resist chipping and is practically indestructible. Color choices are nearly endless and an inexpensive technique called hot stamping can be used to customize them with logos or text.

For the most professional feel, look and sound, you will need to spend even more and get clay chips. These chips can also be found in a number of different colors and with various designs. Customizing options are limited because hot stamping cannot be used on this material. The soft composition means that they can become damaged over time but it also makes for easier stacking because the chips will not slip.

Playing cards are fairly inexpensive no matter where you buy them. For a few dollars, you can choose any style you like. To add some personality and flair to the game you can choose from virtually any theme. Decks can be found with cartoon characters, movie themes and more. James Bond cards will add a classy touch as will anything that matches the decor in your game room.

A card shuffler is optional but it will keep the action moving. Most models are quite reasonably priced at about $20. These handy little devices will expertly shuffle the cards at the touch of a finger.

Some quality playing cards will enhance any game regardless of whether it is friendly competition with your best buddies or a professional level game with some serious card players.

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