Titan Poker Mac

One of the biggest questions that people have regarding Titan Poker has to do with whether the software will run on a different operating system. Specifically, this question is usually directed at the Mac O/S as that happens to be the most common operating system used after the Microsoft Windows versions that are floating around. The Titan Poker Mac issue is one that is clouded and confused at the moment, with different sources providing different pieces of information.

If you talk to most of the reviewers that are currently out there checking out what Titan Poker has to offer, the answer that you would get is that the Titan Poker software is not compatible with the Macintosh system. If you talk to Titan Poker however, what you will hear from them is that Titan Poker is currently in development of a version of their software that would work on the Mac O/S versions that currently inhabit the world. Essentially, this means that Titan Poker needs to wait for Playtech to come out with a version of their software that works on Mac systems and then Titan Poker will be able to license that software and allow players with Mac computers to enjoy their online poker site in the same way that users of PC systems already can.

So for the moment, it appears as though Mac online poker players are going to have to wait for a little bit in order to get the Titan Poker software for their system. While they are waiting however, they can think about what they will do with the bonus money when the system becomes available. The 50% up to $200 bonus will still be available and if they’re lucky, our TITAN POKER Bonus Code: TPDEAL that turns the bonus into 200% up to $2000 plus $25 for free will still be around as well.